Tips for Maintaining Your Chemical Peel Results at Home

April 21st, 2020 12:33am

A woman with clear skin from a Skinceuticals chemical peel

The health of our skin is serious business. Everyone needs to stick to a regular skin regimen in order to keep their looking skin young, radiant, and most of all, healthy. Facials are a great way to take your skincare routine to the next level. After all, if you show your skin some love, it will definitely love you back.

One specific treatment that can do wonders for your skin is a chemical peel. This cosmetic procedure eliminates the outermost layer of your skin in order to aid in reducing the visible signs of skin aging, discoloration, and acne. While eradicating your face of impurities and dirt, SkinCeuticals chemical peels can effectively reveal brighter and softer skin.

There is a wide array of chemical skin peels which range from mild and intense. Though most types of chemical peels are only available in clinics, spas, or salons, there are a few professional-grade chemical peel formulations that you can easily use at home in order to maintain your professionally achieved results.

Chemical Peel Maintenance Tips

Chemical Peel Maintenance Tips

After you receive your chemical peel and have gone through the short period of after effects, you’ll start to notice improvements in the texture, color, tone, and clarity of your skin. The next important step is maintenance. Now that you’re starting to achieve your dream skin, you’ll have to maintain it with proper care

Follow these simple and comprehensive tips to minimize the downtime of your skin and to maximize the effectiveness of your chemical peel:

1. Wash your face with cold water

Cleanse your face with cold or cool water, instead of warm water, as this can help soothe the post-peel sensations. Cool water can relieve your skin from redness and irritation.

2. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or above

Your facial skin will most likely be more sensitive towards external factors, so it is highly advised that you refrain from exposing your face to direct sunlight. If you do have to go outside during the day, make sure that you apply a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen, so protect your skin from the adverse signs of aging. 

3. Moisturize and hydrate your skin

As you may already be aware of, chemical peels temporarily disable your skin’s outermost protective layer. You can reinforce that barrier with the regular use of a medium to thick moisturizer. Moreover, it is vital that you increase your water intake in order to avoid dehydration and excess skin tightness.

4. No to excessive exfoliating

In case you were thinking about diving into your exfoliating products, you’d better put them away for now, because peels are a form of maximum strength exfoliators. Any other scrubs, brushes, or exfoliating cleansers would just aggravate your skin. 

Experts recommend steering clear of exfoliants within the first three to four days of your chemical peel. Exfoliating during this period can increase the redness and sensitivity of your skin, so it would be better to wait until your skin receivers entirely. You’ll just know once your skin will be ready for its regular exfoliating routine again. 

5. Refrain from doing strenuous workouts and using dry saunas and steam rooms

While you are still feeling the sensations of the chemical peel, you would want to avoid any strenuous workouts and trips to the sauna. This is because increased blood circulation to the face can exponentially intensify warming, tingling, redness, or itching. This is the perfect excuse to take a short break from your workouts. 

6. Use mild soaps and facial cleansers

There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to chemical peel aftercare. During your skin’s downtime, it is advised to use mildly formulated soaps and cleansers. They need to be gentle enough to avoid skin irritation, yet potent enough to cleanse your face of impurities. Mild cleansers will clean your skin while letting the barrier heal naturally. In addition to that, steer clear of any abrasive textured washcloths or towels for about five to seven days.

It is generally recommended to revert to your regular skin regimen once your face has recovered from all the little after-effects.

Chemical Peel Upkeep with Skinceuticals

Chemical Peel Upkeep with Skinceuticals 

With regard to the frequency of chemical peel treatments, it would really depend on your skin’s specific needs. However, specialists generally recommend monthly sessions until your skin issues are completely resolved. Once you have completed your treatment, all you have to do is maintain your newly revitalized skin by incorporating a more gentle version of these acids at home. 

Check out our wide selection of Skinceuticals products that can help you maintain the results of your chemical peels before you can book your next appointment.

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