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What is Hair Rejuvenation?

This revolutionary procedure maximizes the healing potential of worn out hair follicles by concentrating the body’s very own growth factors and proteins. Hair Rejuvenation is considered to be one of the safest, yet most effective, treatments that minimizes or reverses thinning hair and hair loss.

The key player in this treatment is your very own growth factors and proteins—a component of blood that can be obtained using a centrifuge. This is a concentrated source of platelets with various growth factors and other cytokines that repair damaged tissues in the body. Growth factors also contain mesenchymal stem cells that play a key role in tissue regeneration.

Because of your growth factors’ healing properties, it’s used in the Hair Rejuvenation treatment to promote hair growth. Growth factors and proteins nourish your follicles to aid in the development of new ones and to increase blood flow to the area.

Hair Rejuvenation is a safe and quick treatment that draws from the aforementioned medical principle. Here ar Clinique De Mode, there are three steps to this procedure:

  • The blood is drawn from the client by an in-house registered nurse
  • The drawn blood is spun using a centrifuge to isolate the needed blood component
  • A topical anesthesia is applied to the scalp of the client before the growth factors are injected into the subcutaneous layer of the scalp

What Does Hair Rejuvenation Treat?

Most people lose close to 100 hair strands in one day but for the average person, these grow back. For those that aren’t able to grow them back at a healthy rate, it can be caused by different factors such as hormonal changes, age, heredity, poor nutrition, and stress.

Both men and women suffering from hair loss and hair thinning can benefit from the Hair Rejuvenation treatment. This treatment has even shown promising results for clients with androgenic alopecia, a genetic condition wherein the hair follicles undergo atrophy thus causing hair loss.

What are the Benefits of the Hair Rejuvenation Treatment?

The main benefit of this treatment is that it’s safe, nonsurgical, and gives impressive results. Because the client’s own growth factors and proteins will be used in the treatment, there is also no risk of getting infected or having adverse reactions to foreign tissue from another person (such as in the case of a hair transplant surgery).

How Quickly will I See Results from Hair Rejuvenation?

Depending on the severity of hair loss, you will be able to see significant improvements within 6 weeks. For the best results, we recommend 3 to 6 treatments.

What is the Downtime for Hair Rejuvenation?

As a safe, nonsurgical treatment, Hair Rejuvenation has zero downtime. This means you can resume your regular daily activities right after the treatment.


  • When Can I Return To Work Following an Hair Rejuvenation Treatment?

    Don’t worry. Hair Rejuvenation has zero downtime - so you will be able to get back to work as soon as necessary.

  • Is Hair Rejuvenation Safe?

    Hair Rejuvenation is one of the safest, non-surgical treatments available for hair loss. As mentioned in the above section about the benefits of Hair Rejuvenation, the growth factors are taken directly from the client. This not only makes use of existing, natural, and fresh healing factors in the body, but also prevents infection or adverse reaction to tissue coming from another person.

  • Does A Hair Rejuvenation Treatment Hurt?

    The scalp is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Therefore, steps are taken to make sure that little to no pain is experienced. Topical anesthesia will be applied to the area to be treated. Once this sets in, the subcutaneous injections would cause only mild pain or discomfort.

  • How Do I Prepare for my Hair Rejuvenation Treatment?

    This treatment is all about activating the body’s own healing mechanisms via the body’s own growth factors, cytokines, and mesenchymal stem cells. As such, certain practices will help you prepare yourself to be at the optimum state to receive and respond to this treatment.

    • Eat nutrient dense foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.
    • Keep your body well hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day.
    • Enrich your diet with supplements containing Vitamin B, C, D, and iron.
    • Make sure to get adequate amounts of sleep each day.
    • Focus on reducing stress before and after your scheduled treatment.
    • Keep your scalp clean.
    • Talk to your doctor about staying away from anti-inflammatory medications for a while. (e.g. Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, etc.)
    • Avoid taking natural or synthetic blood thinners.
    • Avoid coloring your hair three days before the procedure.
    • Stop alcohol or cigarettes at least three days before the procedure.
    • Avoid caffeinated drinks at least one day before the treatment.
    • 4 hours before the treatment, avoid exercise.
    • Remember to clean your hair and scalp before the procedure.
  • What Aftercare Instructions Are There?

    The healing process after this hair loss cure does not just happen overnight - it starts immediately though and runs for a hefty amount of time. You would need to make sure to keep your health at optimum levels to make sure that your healing potential is maximised.

    Focus on maintaining a good diet, low levels of stress, adequate sleep, and good hydration. Avoid unhealthy practices such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or taking too much caffeine. As we mentioned earlier, it would take about 6 weeks for you to see significant results. During this time period, you’d want to make sure to stay healthy as best as you can. Furthermore, if you’d like to maintain your glorious mane, consider making long-term health improvements.

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