Fractora Aftercare and Recovery Tips

August 13th, 2020 7:11am

Close up of a hand receiving a Fractora treatment

Everyone wants to find ways to maintain healthy, radiant, and youthful skin. While adhering to a proper diet, drinking adequate water, and exercising are some of the key factors in achieving this feat, you may want to turn to the professionals for a little boost.

Aside from your regular trusted facials, the world of cosmetic wonders has innovated a vast array of skin rejuvenating techniques that are highly beneficial for your beauty goals.

One of them is Fractora

What Is Fractora? 

This highly advanced cosmetic treatment utilizes radio frequency energy in order to heat the skin. Next, it harnesses bipolar energy to control the depth of skin resurfacing, consequently delivering optimal results. Fractora works its magic by resting mico lesion dots, which delivers heat in specially designed pins to promote the production of collagen for effective skin rejuvenation.

Fractora has been designed to dramatically reduce wrinkles, reduce the adverse effects of aging, and to restore skin to its original youthful appearance. Additionally, it’s a great solution for cystic acne, hormonal acne, acne scarring, fine lines, lax skin, deep wrinkles, pigmentation, and textural concerns on various parts of the skin. 

Although there is downtime involved, Fractora makes you heal faster and better than most other resurfacing procedures. 

A woman with beautiful and youthful looking skin from Fractora

Fractora Aftercare & Recovery 

With a great skin treatment comes careful aftercare and recovery procedures. After undergoing Fractora, the treatment sirte will feel slightly sensitive, therefore, it requires extra care and protection during the period of healing. Here are the main steps you need to take in order to have a swift and complete recovery:

  • Apply healing ointment or cream as prescribed by your skin specialist to the treated skin after the procedure. The cream can be applied 3 to 4 times per day and at night in order to retain moisture whilst healing. 

  • During this period of time, the skin may tend to peel or crust, which is a completely normal part of the process. Remember to refrain from picking or scratching in order to prevent  causing further irritation to the skin. The dry skin will detach on its own. In addition, areas such as the neck and chest will take longer to heal. It is recommended to be mindful of those specific areas when drying off after a shower. 

  • Expect your skin to peel frequently during the first 2 to 3 days after the treatment. In line with this, it is essential that you invest in a suitable sunscreen above SPF 30 before heading out. 

  • During the healing period, some patients tend to experience itchiness. Seek advice from your doctor for the best ointment or cream that suits your skin’s level of sensitivity. 

  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, as they have the potential to disrupt the healing process. 

Close up of a woman receiving a Fractora treatment on her face

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At Clinique De Mode, we offer this state-of-the-art cosmetic procedure that effectively eliminates scars, reduces discoloration,  and brings that healthy glow back to your skin. Reach out to our team today for a free consultation!

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